Saturday, November 18, 2006

"And suddenly he realised he had become
a coward.
Nobody could help him. He didn't need any help.
He wanted his courage back, but there it was,
flying high above the ochre fields,
looking at the clouds and smiling."

I made a small version of the giraffe, just to see how to adjust the pattern. The final creature will have bigger feet and a thinner neck. I will also add ears.

the unruly lady

Friday, November 03, 2006

The faces are almost ready now. They have between six and eight layers of paint each, and I am going to design bodies for them today.

I don't enjoy writing about my work online, so I will stop it after finishing these paintings. To me, keeping an online blog is almost like a really awkward way of keeping a diary. I don't want to write anything personal, yet during the actual process of painting, I don't have anything impersonal to write.

After finishing these paintings, I will include only images and short captions of text in the blog. Hopefully that'll work better.