Friday, January 27, 2012

Starting points for new paintings

Lucas Cranach, detail of Three Young Ladies (from E. Ruhmer, Cranach, Phaidon, 1963.)
Lucas Cranach, The Virgin and Child under an Apple Tree (from Maailman maalaustaiteen mestareita, kustantamo Aurora, 1980.)
Chantal Joffe, Big Head, 2003 (from Women / Chantal Joffe, Victoria Miro Gallery, 2003)

Lucas Cranach, Portrait of a Young Girl (from E. Ruhmer, Cranach, Phaidon, 1963.)
Add for Versace Gold
Lucas Cranach, detail of Anna Cuspinian, c. 1502-1503 (from E. Ruhmer, Cranach, Phaidon, 1963.)


Canvas Art said...

paintings are best part of art and culture of any country, they demonstrate everything quite generously.

Aine Scannell said...

Hello there LLona

hey I just realized I have been spelling your name wrong since I first came across you.

I am making an effort to go and read on blogs of people I have on my blog reader list. It is interesting to be looking through your blog and seeing how its probably not so easy to be keeping your creative mind and hands moving along with caring for Aato, your little child (hope I spelt that correctly). I find the images from your sketchbook to be the most interesting in the main where its just line and tone and ideas jotted down.
Colour and pattern and decoration can be quite distracting when trying to filter ideas . Thats just me though - maybe its completly
the opposite for you.!!! Today the temperature in Scotland went up three degrees in our house so we are not utterly freezing anymore - thank goodness.

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best wishes

Aine Scannell