Saturday, May 11, 2013

Unfinished business


Aine Scannell said...

Hi there Illona

Hey there is that Aatto ???

What a coincidence thta you made apost today and i decided to check out the blogs of people like you !!! Hope you are keeping well...........this looks beautiful and there are some lovely looking possibilities there among your sketches and montages

take care

oh by the way Illona

PLEASE will you enable the

"Follow By Email" gadget in the LAYOUT area of your Dashboard.
Then it's much easier for me and other followers to keep informed when you create a new post on your blog.

If you do get this set up ( its very easy) then please do email me and let me know

please also mention the name of your blog as I find myself having to ask a lot of people to enable this gadget. I wish Google would contact all their bloggers to point this possibility out to them .....................hare's hopping
best wishes

Aine Scannell

Leena said...

Katos vaan, uusia tuulia täällä! Alkoi soida päässäni Karjalaisen Jukan Meripihkahuone:D Aurinkoista kevättä, Leena

Ilona Niemi said...

Thanks, Aine! Good to hear from you. How 're you getting on?

I'll enable the gadget asap, and will let you know. Yes, the wee bunny is Aatto. I'll paint his sister as a bird next.


Leenalle kiitos kommentista! Mahtavaa, jos J. Karjalainen alkoi soida päässä: olen ihan viime aikoina havainnut, että hänellä on tosi mehukkaita sanoituksia ja kappaleet ovat muutenkin hienoja. Radiosta soi pariin otteeseen Mennyt mies, kun maalasin elukkapotretteja. Pitääkin kuunnella Meripihkahuone saman tien - se on ihan uusi tuttavuus... Auringonpaistetta sinulle!