Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Finally things are starting to get a bit more organised. I received a slot for my thesis show: 13th-19th May, 2007. It leaves me eight months to prepare.

I am still working from the same photo I took of my friend, Anne, a few years ago. This time, I have manipulated the photo slightly, so that it does not look like Anne anymore. Instead, the resulting photos are portraits of imaginary people. (I have attached a couple of the images above.)

I now have 50 different versions of the same face, and I am planning to paint each of them. Once painted, each face is going to get a soft body made of stuffed, white fabric. They'll be a group of body bags.

The idea of painting portraits of illusionary people makes me smile. Traditionally, portraits are regarded as mirrors of the soul, capturing the essence of a person rather than her looks. What happens when the person does not even exist?

Time to go home and take Marcel the cat to the graveyard.


ainesse said...

Ilona - hello there I am also one of the artists on the art process project. I think your work is lovely. Its refresing to come across you. Your site i.e. (this) looks good. What fun. I love drawing and I like making things too. Are you based in the USA ?

SueC said...

You're a real inspiration, Ilona. Thanks for sharing your work and ideas. I am in a barren patch at the moment....the end of Summer always does that to me. But the colours are starting to come out in the trees here in England and I can feel the ideas start to flow again. I'm looking forward to following your project. x